“We both have a very interesting past within music.  Since Elementary school the early 80’s, I was a vocalist, lyricist and dabbled in piano.  By the time I was 8; I was studying with Aldo Bruschi; a professor of Piano and Vocals for Juilliard School located at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.  The club scene caught me early.  By 93' I remember sneakin into Limelight & a couple of the other mega clubs NYC had to offer like Palladium & Expo.  I remember seeing the control the DJ had over the crowd with the expression of the music in the tracks he was choosing; amazing to say the least.  That's what made me want to be a DJ... I wanted to be able to offer people my expression & interpretation in music.  I started spinning shortly after that” 



“Though we've had a similar time-line with the start of us becoming DJ’s – I fell in love with drumming when I was in my elementary years.  I used to bang on different size pot’s and pans until my father finally bought me my first drum set.  I remember being a little kid and wanting nothing more than to get home from school so I can play.  By the time I was 12, I would be sitting in class drawing pictures of DJ booths and equipment.  I got my first set up when I was a young teen and it was history ever since.  Sound Factory was my place of study thereafter.  I remeber standing quietly in the corner just watching how the DJ would move the croud.  It was quite the experience & I knew from then that this would be my life's calling” 



MELISSA NIKITA, is known for her distinguishable sound & relentless energy in the booth.  She blends aggressive, yet seductive rhythms - with multiple layers of percussive sound into her own style of techno madness. With her prominence in techno; by the early- 2000’s; MELISSA NIKITA was playing international festivals  while supporting world renowned DJ’s and is now endorsed and sponsored by the “DENON DJ” brand.


VTONE with no boundaries, and an eclectic nature & has been known to take risks.    With a colorful grasp on past styles, as well as today’s techhouse/techno scene; VTONE is tuned in where others wouldn't dare.    His craft derives from his experience within the NYC club scene as well as being peppered across the United States. VTONE has proven to be a predominant force on the music scene today.